Jun 072011

I wrote yesterday what I was hoping to see in the next version of iOS. Well, it turns out I was overly optimistic, as the release only fixed the two most glaring issues (notifications and lock-screen) while leaving out everything else.

I was certainly expecting quite a lot more, and more so given the fact that it won’t be available for another few months while that the competition (read “Android”) keeps updating and improving at an astounding speed – Apple seems almost flippant in its perceived superiority over Android (and I think Android is the better OS at this point, with vastly superior hardware).

And as always Apple continues with the process to build even higher walls around their walled garden, or to use the current politically correct term ‘ecosystem‘ , what with their iMessage.

Add to that the lack of any new hardware (officially at least) and I see very little reason to wait to “upgrade” from my current iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S/5; it’s time to look into those contingency plans….

According to the Business Insider, it seems as if there will be a couple of more of my requested features:
– FaceTime over 3G (though it is still crippled since it only works between iPhones, in typical Apple fashion)
– LED notification. According to the article you can use the camera LED, which seems odd since you would have to keep your phone face down in order for it to be useful; but maybe the iPhone 4S/5 will have an notification LED on the front….?