Jun 162011

Phandroid made an interesting affirmation yesterday, saying that iPhone users don’t really talk about smartphones with one another.

Not only do I agree with that, but I would even go further and say that vast majority of iPhone users are not interested in smartphones, let alone what the competition does. And as I have stated before I think that stems from the fact that the iPhone caught traction with the public when it was still a dumbphone, and thus most of its users were in reality dumbphone users. I have only met ONE single iPhone user who was supposedly interested in what is going on with the other platforms but you couldn’t expect much of any kind of decent and objective discussion with him, which wasn’t surprising given the statements from him of the kind “I love you Steve Jobs!” (yes, those were his exact words).

Whenever I try to engage in a conversation with “fellow” iPhone users about smartphones I am always met with either a sheepish expression (i.e. “I have no idea what you are talking about”) or simply disinterest. I sometimes even feel embarrassed when I use my iPhone in public as I don’t want to be labeled as that clueless, “just-another-iPhone-clone”, “follow-the-crowd” individual.

In contrast, my most interesting discussions have invariably been with Android users; so yes, I absolutely agree that Android users are much more prone to strike up conversation about smartphones and OSs then iPhone users. (But to fair, WebOS users have in even more in common, but that is simply because they are as rare as the Dodo….).