Jun 242011

Not a day goes by without some kind of rumor about the iPhone 4S/5, or what Nokia’s WM7 phones will be like, or some shots or videos of the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. Most of the time the manufactures themselves don’t create the buzz but the fact that these devices are on everyone’s lips is good advertising, it is good business. It creates a brand awareness and makes people hold off buying phones because they are waiting for that phone. All companies know that and act accordingly.

But not HP, they know better. According to HP the best thing to do is to fly under the radar of the media and public, to pass as unnoticed as possible. The last thing HP want to do is create excitement about their products. Because how can you otherwise explain the fact that even though the Pre 3 is slated for a July release we are not hearing anything about it, no images, no press release, no leaked devices, no nothing. If you go to PreCentral you will instead be able to read about Verizon’s pricing plans (wohoo!). I know, I had to take a few deep breaths myself just to calm down a little from the excitement.

It is not as if HP have several high selling devices that they do not want to stifle by leaking the Pre 3 (no, the HP Veer absolutely does not count!). On the contrary: given the launch of the TouchPad any day now the Pre 3 would the perfect combo to promote.

It is really sad how first Palm and now HP continuously manage to screw up with WebOS and all its potential.