Jul 072011

Microsoft has, legitimately or not, been chasing many Android OEMs for the last few months regarding alleged IP infringements, and the last “victim” in the list of companies is Samsung, which is likely a milestone in this process.

Now I don’t know if Microsoft has a legitimate case or not (I don’t even know what the supposed infringements are – if anyone knows something then I’d be interested in hearing it), but I am inclined to think they do have a case given the number of OEMs that have quietly agreed to pay MS without any legal dispute, but maybe even more so because of Google’s absolute silence throughout this time.

But if Microsoft even goes after big players such as Samsung then no one is safe; even Google, with their own Nexus branded phones, could then potentially be a target it would appear; in fact, it only makes sense for them to eventually also become a Microsoft ‘payee’. The problem is that these payments do not make Google look good as it gives the impression that Google is incapable of protecting its licensees (heck, judging by Google’s silence they actually are right now!). But I am sure they are extremely worried about the situation and it seems unlikely that they will continue to sit by idly while Microsoft not only earns money from Android but also their own Windows Phone 7, which will also [unfortunately] likely increase its market share. Thus Google are probably hard at work looking at a way/strategy/solution to end Microsoft’s “persecution”.

I have a feeling that something will have to give soon, and whatever it is, it will make big headlines….