Aug 152011

I am genuinely excited about Google’s purchase of Motorola, though I am not surprised one bit, as many apparently are. I believe that some of talk about the other OEMs being worried that Google is going to compete directly with them, and hence consider going to WP, is ridiculous and simply projects those posters wishful thinking; Google didn’t get to where it’s by alienating their OEMs, and their sure won’t continue their success if they did; I think they might, cautiously, use Motorola to create some reference designs (beyond the Nexus line), but that’s it.

At most, I think the other OEMs might watch Google a little more closely, just to see if the will in fact live up to what they said in that press release that nothing will change for the other OEMs. Beyond that I think they are genuinely relieved that Google has showed, in a huge way, that Google will aggressively defend Android and thus them.

For us smartphone lovers, or at least for us agnostic/neutral (and Android) smartphone lovers (as opposed to miscellaneous fanboys), this is great news as each platform will be able to go head to head in the market, with no restrictions due to IP, and it will be us, the consumers, who will decide which is the best platform and business model – not some patent portfolios and sleazy lawyers.