Aug 012011

In hindsight there is little doubt that the first iPhone paved the way for a whole new smartphone experience, and it is often attributed to have started the “computer first, phone second” trend. But when you analyze what it actually brought to the table you see that it its main improvement, (software wise) compared to what was available then, was the vastly superior web browser. Beyond the browser it was actually one and often two steps backwards in several important areas for a device that was presumably a “computer first”.
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Jul 172011

The title of this post is a question I posed back in 2009. The conclusion was basically that I considered the iPhone to be a smart dumbphone. But then version 4 of iOS came out, with a host of new and crucial features that was enough for me to reconsider my conclusion and eventually even buy an iPhone to try it out first hand.

But after using the phone for a while now I have increasingly began to swing back to my original position regarding iOS, and yesterday an event occurred that really questions the iPhones’s “smartphone” status.
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Jun 162011

Phandroid made an interesting affirmation yesterday, saying that iPhone users don’t really talk about smartphones with one another.

Not only do I agree with that, but I would even go further and say that vast majority of iPhone users are not interested in smartphones, let alone what the competition does. And as I have stated before I think that stems from the fact that the iPhone caught traction with the public when it was still a dumbphone, and thus most of its users were in reality dumbphone users. I have only met ONE single iPhone user who was supposedly interested in what is going on with the other platforms but you couldn’t expect much of any kind of decent and objective discussion with him, which wasn’t surprising given the statements from him of the kind “I love you Steve Jobs!” (yes, those were his exact words).
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